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  • Character Name:
  • Mohanlal
  • Language:
  • Malayalam
  • Release Year:
  • 2018
  • Director:
  • Jeethu Joseph
  • Co-actors:
  • Pranav Mohanlal, Mohanlal, Siddique, Lena, Sharafudheen, Anusree, Aditi Ravi
  • Music Director:
  • Anil Johnson
  • Lyrics:
  • Producer:
  • Antony Perumbavoor
  • Movie Status:
  • Hit
  • Category:
  • Thriller
  • Last Updated:
  • 12/Aug/2018 19:54:25
  • Last Viewed:
  • 17/Jul/2024 11:10:49
  • Total Views:
  • 2103

Adhithya Mohan (aka Aadhi) (Pranav Mohanlal) aspires to become a music director in the film industry. He has his other part of desire left for parkour with friends through the beach. He is seen as a singer at the start of the film. He is not too much supported by his dad Mohan Varma (Siddique) and his boss, both of whom, wants him to follow his dad's footsteps and start working for livelihood. His mother, Rosy (Lena) though, is the exact opposite and is clearly supportive of his tenure as a music-director aspirant. His mother is not supporting his parkour desire. He is seen trying hard to get a breakthrough.

In the shade of pursuing him to follow his dad's footsteps, his dad's boss urges Aadhi to take his car to Bangalore where he plans on attending a meeting after his arrival from foreign and has a week's commute. his dad's boss's driver is sick. Aadhi, having heard of a cine-workers pub, through his friend Nadhir (Krishna Shankar), and his potential opportunity of getting the people there to catch an attention on him, decides to take the car there. So he has an opportunity to stay there and perform and can help his dad's boss get his car.

Aadhi gets a shot at performing in the bar and meets a colleague of his, Anjana (Aditi Ravi) at the pub. She is accompanied by her boss's son and nephew, both of whom does not take her acquaintance with Aadhi lightly. Aadhi performs and is instantly seen as a superhit and moves all the gathering to his tones. When Anjana extensively involves with the song, her colleagues start making a fuss and Aadhi is forced to leave. He goes to the roof and hangs out himself. Anjana on the behest of apology, goes to him, only for others to intervene and create a commotion, in which Jayakrishnan (Siju Wilson) accidentally kicks his colleague of the roof to his death. Jayakrishnan frames Aadhi for the death, and Narayan Reddy (Jagapati Babu), the owner of Pinnacle Group and a greatly influential person in the whole of Bangalore city, seeks to take revenge on Aadhi. He uses his influence to make this an accidental death and starts an underground hunt for Aadhi, using a pic of him taken through the security cam in the pub.

Reddy gets hold of the car that Aadhi brought to the pub, his dad's boss's one, and through the security cam footages that he stays somewhere in the Bangalore-Mysore road. He sends his goons to catch Aadhi, while unbeknownst to all of it, is in the streets. But using his free running skills, he evades the goons only to end up with Sharath (Sharafudheen). Sharath takes him home and tells him about the bounty Reddy has placed on him. Sharath also tells him that he will help him as Reddy has caused ill fates to his family, and is the sole reason why his family is this way. Sharath agrees to help him and his sister Jaya (Anusree) to approves of that. Sharath takes help from his friend Mani Annan (Meghanathan) and decides to plot an escape plan, all to go waste. Aadhi meets up with his dad at Sharath's home and decides to go abroad. He takes refuge in an abandoned factory until his escape plan is done.

In the meantime, Reddy urges the cops to have a lookout for Aadhi and all the transport routes are inspected for Aadhi's suspected departure. Aadhi having lost his phone, keeps on his communication with his parents through Sharath and this intrigues Reddy, who decides to go for call tracing on that. Suspecting of his activities being disclosed, Jayakrishnan readily takes over the responsibility of monitoring the calls. He overhears the call and confirms Aadhi's location and goes with some goons to get done with Aadhi. Aadhi somehow escapes from them and interprets that Jayakrishnan has been tapping his phone calls. Jayakrishnan, having learned of Sharath's role in Aadhi's hideout, captures him and murders him before Sharath discloses Jayakrishnan's role in the death of Reddy's son. This creates a stir and Aadhi is forced to leave the hideout.

Aadhi plots a new plan to disclose things to Reddy, as the situation brings him to the conclusion that Jayakrishnan devised the whole plan to save face, owing to the fact that Reddy might kill him if he is found guilty. Aadhi takes help from Mani Annan and a former employee of the Pinnacle Group, Ebin (Tony Luke) to disclose Reddy on all the happenings at his office in Bangalore. As per Ebin's request, he gets hold of gadgets to gain access to the security cam footage of the building and thereby get to Reddy's office. He also uses Anjana to device a plan so that Jayakrishnan stays out of the office and passes information that he is going to meet Reddy at an event outside his office late one day. Jayakrishnan leaves the office soon. Aadhi gets inside the office through the service exit, and Anjana through the front door, which alerts Jayakrishnan who returns soon after.

Meanwhile, both reach Reddy's office, only for Reddy to attack Aadhi, who later convinces Reddy of Jayakrishnan's part in the ploy. Jayakrishnan soon comes and shoots Reddy, and leaves him for dead, and along with Siddharth aka Siddhu (Sijoy Varghese) discloses them as partners intending on killing Reddy and take his wealth. Siddhu never intended on sharing and turns on Jayakrishnan and kills him and moves to kill Aadhi and Anjana as well. Aadhi makes a quick run for it and reaches the 10th floor of the building. He is taken out by the guards before he could rappel out. He is taken down by the guards and Siddhu gets down to kill him. Before Siddhu could shoot him, it is revealed that the 10th-floor exit was an escape plan and Aadhi performs a Dülfersitz just before Ebin turns the fire alarm on, to shower gasoline on them. Aadhi throws a lighter and escapes out in the ensuing explosion. Reddy recovers and it is revealed that Aadhi is set free and Jayakrishnan and Siddhu was killed because of the explosion on the 10th floor.



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