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To Divya


  • vadakkumnathan

    Total Posts:71
  • Posted On: 8/Dec/2006 4:10:45
    To Divya
    dear divya, its my blog so i can post any thing in the blog.Its none of ur business OK. You can enjoy with OUR GREATEST LALETTAN. If u want to know all about mohanlal pls visit http://bharathmohanlal.blogspot.com

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 8/Dec/2006 6:11:50
    mammoo spy
    vadakkumnathan dont take her views to your heart. ur doing a good work. mammoo spies are all over the place. let BABA speak for us...

  • jeevann

    Total Posts:22
  • Posted On: 8/Dec/2006 9:40:19
    stop this..
    Vadakkumnathan. stop give publicity in this forum.this site is not for your blogspot publicity.If you are continue this I will start one blogspot.and every day i will give publicity in this site.So stop this. you are ONLYusing this site for give advertisement to your blogspot.STOP THIS.

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 8/Dec/2006 11:30:49
    This is a site for GREAT LAL FANS.... Any thing about Lalettan is most welcome..... Rather than refering to any particular link (for advt), u discuss the latest LAL news in this forum... There is no need for another site within this GREAT LAL SITE

  • vincentgomas

    Total Posts:24
  • Posted On: 8/Dec/2006 14:51:5
    Yesu are right
    I too agree with Divya and other members..[br] if all members start bulding sites and advertise like this on this great site.. why we need it to call a community..?[br]please stop such kind of nonsense advertising..[br]Site admin must ban such members..

  • mrx

    Total Posts:132
    Location:United States of America
  • Posted On: 9/Dec/2006 0:56:48
    Hi friends
    My be vadakkunathan is right.. he is a lal fan and he have done a good work.. [br] But i too feel it a bad idea to divert visitors from this website to another that too.. putting a link here itself.. that means this guy have joined this community only to promote his blog, which is bad..
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