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Amused by a thought...


  • prince2006

    Total Posts:10
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 10/Nov/2006 7:35:32
    Amused by a thought...
    Why are films not made on a big budget ? I dont think profits are less. Somewhere I heard the biggest hits like Narsimham to Rajamikyan to Rasatandram made more than 10crores-15crores. If that is true then why can't a superstar film spend 5-8 crores and make a big budget lavish film(a visual treat). We have the best actors, directors, cinematographers, art directors, good script writers but still we are no where tamil or telugu in terms of lavish settings and visual treats. Maybe our marketing is bad??? Malaylam films dont explore markets outside kerala properly. eg: Dubai, UK,US,South Asia, TN,AP,KAR,North India. There are so many mallus there who are waiting to see new films. Why can't our films reach there and make more profit and make bigger films...!!!

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 10/Nov/2006 8:20:23
    big budget movies
    i think the main drawback for malayalam movies is the high level of piracy. any released movie gets a pirated dvd or video within hours and thats true wherever malayalam movies are shown. first there must a way to challenge piracy but how successful we will be....i really dont know

  • shijumon

    Total Posts:77
    Location:Korea South
  • Posted On: 10/Nov/2006 18:16:29
    It's really a good thought but the fact that a few pictures out of hundreds are becoming blockbusters, which are earning handsome revenues. Being a small state, nobody will take risk to invest big money as one cannot predict the kerala peoples' taste. They will simply reject good movies and sometimes well receive crap movies. Another thing as johnb said, the video piracy, which is a big threat to malluwood. Anyway, thanx for sharing your thought with us. LALETTAN IS NOT GREAT, BUT THE GREATEST.[b] Enter Text [/b]

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 9:6:31
    yes its a big risk to take a big budget movie. example bvt. what happen it was failure in the boxoffice and producer lost a big amount due to its high prd cost. Kerala is a very small industry for film. But states like tn, andhra, bombay are big industry. so they can get back their money easily

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