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After photographer????


  • deepu01

    Total Posts:305
  • Posted On: 18/Sep/2006 0:57:6
    After photographer????
    Dear friends, I am afraid after photographer Lalettan's Xmas movie is Akashagopuram its an art movie. we cannot expect a hit. after that Baba kalyani.I am sure it will be a megahit.but the problem is the releasing date. Baba kalyani's releasing date is jan 26. 2007 . it should release in Jan 1st or Xmas. because Mammoooty's Pothenvava releasing in Xmas. there is no competition for Pothen vava. same thing happened in last year. there was no competition for Rajamanikyam. when its released. then it became superhit... Akashagopuram is an Offbeat movie.and people will not go for award type movie. Yes I know last year Thanmathra was superhit in the Xmas season.But it was an excellent movie.but we cannot expect Akashagopuram will do that much big. in the Xmas season will get more collection. so I think Babakalyani should release in Xmas or Ist jan 2007. friends do you agree with me???


  • anandthirumala

    Total Posts:56
  • Posted On: 18/Sep/2006 3:7:52
    I do agree with you.
    That was the mistake which lalettan did last year. Open post for mamoo is not good. I am sure that Rajamanikkam should not have been super hit if a lalettan movie where there against it.

  • lalmaniac

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 20/Sep/2006 8:44:12
    i also agree with you
    dear deepu, u said the truth.we all know thaw there was no competition for rajamanikyam,although it was a "STYLE" film of mammookka.but,this x'mas?????

  • shyjuk

    Total Posts:205
  • Posted On: 10/Oct/2006 7:3:28
    baba will be there ..............-
    don't worry baba will be there ..............-
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