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national award


  • lalmaniac

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 17/Aug/2006 9:12:46
    national award
    what is this?who can ignore the perfomance of our great lalettan in THANMAATHRA. this is absolutely a cheating.we have to respond

  • ak1981

    Total Posts:1
  • Posted On: 19/Aug/2006 5:5:19
    different yard sticks
    I was shocked to know that lalettan has not won the national award for his brilliant performance in "tanmatra" . South indian movies are being ignored in a vain attemt to glorify bollywood and its so called superstars. No disrespect to Amibatch ji however he is getting far too much attention that what he deserves. Last yeat it was saif and now it the turn of the big B to get a award that they dont deserve. Its pretty obvious that bollywood cannot compete with malayalam movies and malayalam super stars esp lalettan who is the best actor in our country. national award 2007, best actor sharukhan ( kank), best actress rani mukharjee(kank), best supporting actor abshiek bachan ( kank), Best supporting actress preity zinta ( kank), special jury award amitab bachan (kank), best director karan johar ( kank), best film kank. God save indian movies. Whoever gets award every one even amithab know that laletttan is the best there was, best there is and the best there ever will be.
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