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Ee website inu oru maattavumilla


  • lalcrazy

    Total Posts:40
  • Posted On: 18/Jun/2012 22:46:16
    Ee website inu oru maattavumilla
    this is to those who visit this website regularly........i was a regular visitor of this website 2 yrs ago.... then i stopped coming feeling this website is boring... now i come online every 6 months hoping the website has developed.... shankaran pinnem thengummel thanne....

  • admin

    Total Posts:22
  • Posted On: 18/Jun/2012 23:52:51
    Thank you for your comments and sense of humour, we really appreciate your interest in Mohanlalonline ..

    Please note that we are trying our best to make this website interesting, whenever we get any free time. We are happy that, we didn't had any major downtime and happy be consistent since its launch 10 years ago.

    Our main idea was to provide a community to discuss about our favourite actor and we believe we have succeeded in it.

    If you have any ideas, post it here, we will try to incorporate it.

  • sumeshc

    Total Posts:276
  • Posted On: 21/Jun/2012 11:13:52
    You are right lal cracy..,

    To admin :

    1. Try to update front page with upcoming movies.

    2. Give rights to create polls to selected members )

    3. Can you add lalettan's Bolgs ?

    others .., please share your ideas..


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