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Why all media like this???


  • premlal

    Total Posts:25
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 28/Feb/2012 10:24:40
    Why all media like this???
    Why all media against Mohanlal now a days. Their should be sufficient reason behind this, daily one or another all media especially one india, web dunia is attacking mohanlal for nothing.

    Even TV's reported very badly about Casinova while they say super hit to other flop movies. Any mafia behind this ..... any one have information why like this.


  • sree019

    Total Posts:55
  • Posted On: 28/Feb/2012 17:54:38
    don't know the exact reason.
    Medias didn't discuss or criticise mamooty last year when all his films turned disasters.But after & before the release of casanovva they criticised the movie and lalettan very badly.Indiavision played a crucial role against casanovva by unnecessary discussions

  • sree019

    Total Posts:55
  • Posted On: 28/Feb/2012 18:0:23
    the same thing happened in Azhikode issue,income tax raid,uniform misuse issues etc.
    i think medias are doing this kind of things for increase their rating

  • venuvakeel

    Total Posts:28
  • Posted On: 9/Mar/2012 8:48:26
    Star Value matters
    The answer is simple the satr value of Mohanlal matters. They know malayalee loves lal so anything about him much closely will be watched. Nobody has the satr value in Mollywood than Lal . He rules whether movie becomes hit or flop.

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