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Hey Fan SUMI


  • rahulsubash

    Total Posts:42
  • Posted On: 27/Apr/2006 2:5:44
    Hey Fan SUMI
    Did i tell that lal wont come back.I only expressed my view & it is evident that not me but you are making a fuss out of this topic.Do read how Vijesh responded to me & try to learn from him how to understand a fan & mind it, your arrogance is a damn thing for me.

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 27/Apr/2006 7:33:25
    hey plsssssssssss
    Hey Rahul and Sumi plssss plssssss dont quarrel each other. its not fare. You too did not do anything wrong. Rahul expressed his feelings and Sumi express ur feelings. It is good to compare urs different feelings here. but it does not mean that u have to quarrel. so please be good friends,. WE SHOULD BE UNITED. Yes even in two best friends there will be quarrelling each other so take it as a friendly matter. ok? i want to see u two talking smoothly and happily here in this forum. we are lal fans.


  • rahulsubash

    Total Posts:42
  • Posted On: 27/Apr/2006 8:38:59
    sorry fans
    Here after ill consider it as a closed chapter.OK.Say cheers to lalettan

  • sumi

    Total Posts:32
  • Posted On: 27/Apr/2006 23:28:23
    Me to sorry ok
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