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Bombay 12 Mega Hit


  • machan

    Total Posts:26
  • Posted On: 9/Jul/2011 18:16:39
    Bombay 12 Mega Hit
    Latest Mamuka Film is gr8 Success in the Box Office. The Film Collected 10 Cr: in last week. Good responses for the Film all over Kerala And dubai. Nice Good crispy Film. Learn soething Mr: Lal. How Mamooty maintains his Fiseec.

  • sunilpks

    Total Posts:10
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 10/Jul/2011 11:5:26
    I think it is only for you
    Hi, It is not hit and I am in Dubai. Hardly I found 25 people in theartre and I was with Family. I dont know from where you get this news... Its "genuine" fake news.

  • dikkammayi

    Total Posts:275
  • Posted On: 14/Jul/2011 19:23:29
    Good news
    Hi Machan,
    It is good to hear that Bombay March 12 is a mega hit. Because most people are saying that it is a flop. Thanks for the clarification.
    I sincerely hope that "all" the future movies of Mammootty will be "mega hits" like this one.


  • machan

    Total Posts:26
  • Posted On: 14/Jul/2011 20:28:54
    Reply to Dikkamayi
    But Mamooty will never hold the best Worst actor award in his life. The Responsibility of a fan is to Notify his Star what Faults he is Repeatedly Commiting in his Films. i dont think people who support Lal for watever worst Films he does, is his Fan. Instead such people are real threat to the acting career of Lal. Laletan has Majority of such Fans who never Demand something special from the star. They take watever he gives. Acting Calibure of Lal is wasted by such Fans. So think in Which Catergory u must be placed. Try to make Laletten Young by your Comments. Critising Mamus will Never bring Back laletan. First Lal has to reduce wait. Adopt to the changing Circumstances and understand the tastes & preferences of new Generation. Otherwise he will be washed out in less than 3 years... from Films. Now itself Lal himself is Producing his own Films. Mamus is nevre like that. He makes Money from Films and Lal Looses Money and Fame Since 2005. Its been 6 years Lal's Movies went avg. when will our Lal be back. ----?.

  • ajaykrish

    Total Posts:17
  • Posted On: 15/Jul/2011 10:20:30
    it is not hit but .it is super film..i didnt see a good film of lalettan after ividam swargamanu

  • dikkammayi

    Total Posts:275
  • Posted On: 15/Jul/2011 20:6:59
    Reply 2 Machan
    Dear Machan,
    Can u pls tell me where I criticised Mammootty in my comments?
    Or at least where I supported Lal for his bad movies?

    It was you Mr. Machan who came to this website and said that "Bombay...." is a mega hit :)
    I didnt tell that it is good or bad. I just replied to you to remind that the movie is not doing well in kerala BO. You can say the movie is good, because that is up to you. But when you say that a movie is hit, that is a different matter.
    For eg: Movies like TD Dasan, Arjunan Sakshi etc. They are good movies but not hits.
    Hope you got the point:)
    No hard feelings...

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