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sad for change of characters.


  • tnt

    Total Posts:5
  • Posted On: 11/Mar/2006 8:53:56
    sad for change of characters.
    we the mohanlal fans are gonna to become sad this year.lalettan has changed from amanushkam to common stories.from the acting in thanmatra lalettan has decided to do common characters this year.only a slight difference can be observed in the film keerthichakra. :'

  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 12/Mar/2006 3:57:49
    its good
    hey its great lal is not doing that amanushya type charcters.....so that we will get the old dear lal back.hey tnt dont be sad lal is doing amanushya type of charcter in kanal...

  • rahulsubash

    Total Posts:42
  • Posted On: 13/Mar/2006 9:21:45
    lalettan is more powerful in his "common man" roles
    hey tnt,tell me how many people will like to watch a narasimham or a praja once more ,if they have a choice of viewing a priyadarshans or sathyan anthikads old lal movie ,instead of that.Nobody who watched narasimham would have taken the induchoodan in his mind after the film got over,the thrill remains till the film ends thats all,but thats not the case with lalettans characters in varavelpu,sanmanasullavarku samadhanam,gandinagar 2nd street,chitram,midunam etc.The character in these films strikes an emotional chord with audience even after the film ends.

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 14/Mar/2006 1:49:26
    Yes Rahul
    Yes Rahul you are absolutely right and thanks for such a valuable posting. I can understand tnt's feelings, yes.... everyone like lalettan in a Narasimham, Aram Thamburan type movies cos only lalettan can give something special that we want from those kind action movies. But if it comes in flop will cost badly. That is the problem. But i will not say lalettan to stop action movies. We need action movies at times, like one movie per year. But whether it is action, comedy, family or art lalettan should be aware of its story, screenplay and the releasing of the movie.

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