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What is this..........


  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 19/Feb/2006 1:2:52
    What is this..........
    hey look guys if a mamooty filim complete 50 days its a hit.look mamootys black hardly completed 50 days it was said as a hit on the other han lals mambazhkalam relesed with black completed 75 days and is not said as a hit........look 2006 mamootys rajamanikyam is the only filim to complete 100days in trivandrum..........all other movies did hardly finish 75..look.....his thyomanumakalum-80days,thaskaraviran-hardly got to 50,rapakal-75;bus conductor 50still runing but according to audience its a flop.....on the other hand lals chandrolsavam completed 75 was not said as hit......udayon completed 50 its also not said as a hit........by this we can understand if a mamooty movie complete 50 it is said as a hit and a lal movie complete 100days only given as a hit.....is it fair....

  • deepu01

    Total Posts:305
  • Posted On: 20/Feb/2006 0:52:12
    lalettan is the king of malayalam movie
    don't worry . All mohanlal movies releasing in kerala with more expectations. mohanlal is the only croudpuller actor in malayalam. u can see the difference between release of mohalal's movie. and other stars movie releasing. Do u know last year "Udhayananu tharam is the mega movie. and naran is the block buster, and thanmathra got many awards and even lalettan got state award. Thanmathra is still running in some releasing centers. may be lalettan will get national award also. main competition with Amithab bachan (black). Mohan lal's 5 movies released in 2005 . only 2 films flop. because of coast is very high ( Udayon and chandrolsavam).and story line also very poor. any way 2005 was our lalettan's year.mammootty's nerariyan CBI IS FLOP.but media put it hit. but its a flop movie. then Thaskaraveeran is another flop. then Bus conductor is big flop.and rappakal is average. SO Lalettan is the best .


  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 20/Feb/2006 3:25:51
    U know what is the difference between Mohanlal & other main actors in Malayalam film Industry? When other actor's new film releases,nobody worries about it, they just go and watches the movie whether it is super or not. That is y some bad movies runs around 50 days. But when Mohanlal movie's releasing date nearing,everybody becomes curious. Everyone starts talking about the movie. And in the releasing date tension comes in everyone's face. If the movie was not the one they expected, they becomes sad and frustrates fastly.And the news spreads fastly that the movie is bad. So it wont run much days. Cos everyone want a super movie from Mohanlal every time. That is why unclicked mohanlal movies not runs for atleast 50 days. But if the movie gets super report it runs minimum 75 days to above 100 days not 41 days or 60 days


  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 20/Feb/2006 3:51:53
    Read this....
    Here in Calicut Black ran 41 days, Thaskaraveeran 46 days (35 days 4 show), Thommanum makkalum 60-67 days. Raapakal 82 'DAYS'(there were hardly 50 - 60 people only inside the theatre after 60 days even on sunday's evening shows, it was a big news here in calicut and one day 40 people were inside but 90 tickets they bought to keep showing the movie in the theatre), CBI also completed just 50 days, and now Bus conductor ran only 56 days. Udayananu Tharam and Naran completed 100 days here out of 5 films that ran more than 100 days in 2005 and others were chandupottu,Achuvinte amma and B.I.P.S. And Naran was running in the difficult perunnal days so its collection got bad for 30 days otherwise it would have got more collection than Rajamanikyam cos first 20-30 days it broken record of Narasimham and was in full swing. But after 30 days perunnal started and u all know the rest....


  • suchitra

    Total Posts:99
  • Posted On: 20/Feb/2006 23:55:3
    friends, why this people making that rajamanikyam very hit? that was a bore film with poor language.. and also mammootty's acting while speaking slangs.... oh god! its horrorful....

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