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Daily Delight Show Manchester UK 2008


  • swarna

    Total Posts:1
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 6/Oct/2008 14:33:4
    Daily Delight Show Manchester UK 2008
    This show was wonderful. Lal ettan and team performance was excellent. Couldn't belive I had the oppurtunity to see him on live performance.. But dint get a chance to get an autograph.

  • itzmathieu

    Total Posts:7
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 8/Oct/2008 3:55:5
    lalettan performance super........ mohanlal super hit stage programme 2008....dont miss it

  • lalettankeeejaii

    Total Posts:8
  • Posted On: 3/Nov/2008 1:50:58
    LALETTAAAAAAA!!!!!! My name is Anish. I can proudly say that i am ur biggest fan in austria!! maybe even in europe. I dont know if u remember me , i saw u at ur Daily Delight Show in Vienna ( Austria). I have done a lot of preperations to show u my deep deep passion . i created a real LALETTAN T-SHIRT. maybe u remember me now. i was the crazy guy with this shirt and i think i was the only one. after the show everyone in vienna was impressed about my LALETTAN T-SHIRT and at same time about my braveness to wear such a shirt in VIENNA. some people asked me : dont u feel ashamed??? NEVER, NOT EVEN ONE SECOND, i am proud to be UR FAN .

  • lalettankeeejaii

    Total Posts:8
  • Posted On: 3/Nov/2008 1:52:39
    My craze for u started a long time ago in my childhood.. it is my father who i have to thank ...After doing homework it was a kind of ritual to see ur movies. My collection of ur movies is really amazing.. At the beginning it was just watching movies, but with the years i tried to analyse u as an actor in every movie. UR GREAT ; NO UR MORE THAN GREAT !!!. I am not just saying it like every fan ....i have watched a lot of movies mollywood , bollywood , hollywood.... but there was no actor who was /is able to represent a character like uuuuuuuu. ur talent is a really gift..u should be proud of uuuuu. For me u are the best actor and superstar in kerala. mammootty is just a superstar. LALETTAN THE REAL KING OF KERALA!! YOU R MORE THAN A HUMAN BEING FOR ME!!! for me as an fan born in vienna (austria) it is much more difficult to stay in touch with the inidan filmindustry (especially kerala)... but i managed it very well...

  • lalettankeeejaii

    Total Posts:8
  • Posted On: 3/Nov/2008 1:53:9
    every week i buy a VELLINAKSHATRAM to see the collection reports of ur films because as a REAL FAN i really want to know the response of the film especially if the movie is produced by antony perumbavoor. This the business kind of thinking which is also important. But on the other side i think in ur position as the greatest and blessed actor there is no more failure . If one of ur movie does not well at the boxoffice it is the fault of the director. I pray for ur health so that i can see u mylifelong . one of my greatest aims is to produce a film for u without any financial limits. A REAL LALETTAN FILM UR FANS LIKE ALIBHAI... OH GOD the intro fight scene it was unbelievable. UR so amazing . it was 2007 , i traveld to kerala to see alibhai . i was there just for three days. my parents called me crazy. i would do it again. now i am planing to see kurukshetra. ur loving fan ANISH
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