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maatabazaar review


  • vinusankarv

    Total Posts:14
  • Posted On: 2/Oct/2008 15:14:48
    maatabazaar review
    http://sify.com/movies/malayalam/review.php?id=14769492&ctid=5&cid=2428..chk it out......mammunnies kanatte...........

  • dikkammayi

    Total Posts:275
  • Posted On: 4/Oct/2008 2:2:58
    This is the best Mayabazar review
    Film: Maya Bazaar Cast: Mammootty, Kalabhavan Mani, Sheela, Suraj, Biju, Rajan P Dev Director: Thomas Sebastian Music: Rahul Raj Maya Bazaar is the asinine result of director Thomas Sebastian's attempt to show a larger than life Mammootty. Akkiri Rameshan (Mammootty) is a scrap dealer in the stolen goods market inhabited by Maya (Sheela), a woman besotted with him despite being young enough to be his daughter. Saddled with a problematic dad (Rajan P Dev), a scheming car-thief's fence Bhadran (Kalabhavan Mani) and silly man-Fridays (Suraj, Biju), Rameshan, the do-gooder is loaded with treacle-like goodness. The hero's designer attire and freaky hairdo are the only things worth mentioning in the film. The cast, direction, music and so on are best forgotten. Akkiri means scrap-dealer. The movie is worth scrap, too. :+

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