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Madambi....Oru Thudakkam maathram


  • sanjunmenon

    Total Posts:500
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 26/Jul/2008 11:19:3
    Madambi....Oru Thudakkam maathram
    Maadambi may be an old wine on a new pot. But Keralites are proving that they are using brain to watch the films. In 90s I conducted a campus survey as a part of my Journalism course on Films. That day most of the youth told me one thing: If Lalettan's film is having "unsahikkable" scripts, it is average (for others it is big flop); if it is having 25% attractive things, the film is a hit (for others average) and if it is having 50% attractive things it is a superhit (for others hit). If it is more than 50% it is mega hit (for others it is still a superhit). Think if Lalettan is acting on those Mega Hits of so called other starts......a name has to be found out. Yes...Lalettan is oru panathookkam than any other actors in Malayalam.....

  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 27/Jul/2008 7:10:0
    yes machaaaaaaaa
    there was a survey in 2000 in vanitha....more than..75%of malyalies are fan of mohanlal..22%mamooty.rest.....other actors....even we can see in orkut mamooty community dont even have half the no of members....comparing with mohanlal community.....that means youth is always with lalettan.......

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 27/Jul/2008 12:14:0
    When ever a LAL film release ..every one is having high expectation..Yes..even if the film get an opinion AVERAGE it is a super hit... He is the MOST LOVED PERSON among malayalees....... But frankly speeking i would like to see in more challenging roles..that is those roles which exploit his acting potential differently...Directors should try for some thing new..Thanmathra,Keertichakra,Hallo,Udayananu tharam were such attempts.. Lalettan did a nice comedy role in Hallo(first one in past 10-12 years).. Let it be action,comedy,sentimence or any thing a director can show his brilliance by exploiting acting skills of Lalettan...Let us hope for the best!!!!!!
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