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Laalatan should choose


  • creed

    Total Posts:1
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 19/Jul/2008 14:52:38
    Laalatan should choose
    Hi folks, I am a die hard fan of laletan, But lately i have strted to dislike laleatans selection of movies and way of acting, nowerdays laletans movies are boring ,, acting with heroines of age of daughther like rajnikanth and acting has evolved to advisory or supernatural form which is not the base for his real acting, i feel he should adapt more to movies like TANMATHRA and adapt to age and not to blindly act as a lover with a a advice or universal helper etc, or a rowdly with sad past which the people sympathise. its all momentry and its quite boring to see mohanlal singing around trees, its a shame to see sucha talent waste in such form just for sake of doing it.... i became a fan for his simple man acting but now i hate his movies coz its illogical and impractical themes in movies ..i should he should leave his image of love man and think of mature acting like alpachino or robertdeniro or nassirudin shah, and im sure he has a lot to offer...

  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 20/Jul/2008 10:8:35
    hi creed
    hi creed i think ur a new member....welcome2mol.....ur corrct lalettan shld be selctive.i think nw our lalettan is back in track.....he is vry selective after college kumaran...we can see..his future projects are great..kurushethra,cousins etc creed keep posting.........

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 20/Jul/2008 11:20:43
    Friend..the problem is that there is no quality film makers to exploit the acting potentials of Lalettan...Even great writers like Renjith ,Lohi (remember Devasuram,Bharatham,His Highness,Kireedom) are not able to produce quality scripts now..They are not able to adapt to the changed attitude of common man. Lalettan is now very selective and all of the future projects are very nice..Let us hope for the best!!!!

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 20/Jul/2008 11:45:0
    2005 and 2006 was good year for lal. after that he started acting some boring except(chottamumbai , hello ,satyan filim).. :+ :+ sreenivasan is missing with lal.
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