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narasimham & rajamanikyam


  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 8/Feb/2006 4:12:10
    narasimham & rajamanikyam
    did rajamanikyam brokes the recorad of narasimham.some of mamooty fans are saying so plz give me an explanation...........

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 8/Feb/2006 8:43:43
    Dont worry
    Dont worry friend, Narasimham was released on 2000. Now its 2006. So there will be increase in ticket rates, releasing centres etc. But yes i think there is a chance for Rajamanikyam to become top 1st in collection. Records are to be broken so dont think about it.... Recordsil alla karya, lalettante skill anu different, no other actors have this skill. so feel proud to be a lalettan fan


  • sanjunmenon

    Total Posts:500
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 9/Feb/2006 0:5:47
    Rajamanickyam No 1 for the time being...let Mahasamudram come!
    Rajamanickyam is the number 1 right now. As Vijesh said it is just because of the increase in ticket rates, releasing centres. Let Mahasamudram come...Rajamanickyam would be No. 2. Let Kanal come...Rajamanickyam would be No. 3, Let Sathyan Anthicad's picture come. Manickyam's glory would finish! It is better that Vadakkumnathan releases this year. So the next year's award would be safe in Lalettan's custody.

  • arunanirudhan

    Total Posts:8
  • Posted On: 9/Feb/2006 22:30:14
    Actually the record was 4 kilukkam, then only came the other films with high ticket price and all. So i think the record is still for kilukkam with the value for rupee that time

    arun anirudhan

  • suchitra

    Total Posts:99
  • Posted On: 10/Feb/2006 4:57:39
    dont worry
    friends, mammootty has only one record ok! but our lalettan had a long list of hits like chitram, vandanam, kireedam, devasuram, narasimham, naran, udayananu tharam etc etc.. so our lalettan is always first in Malayalam film industry...

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