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The future of Malayalam Movie


  • vineetha

    Total Posts:1
  • Posted On: 10/Jun/2008 10:44:15
    The future of Malayalam Movie
    To all, Please do share your views on this. There was a time, Kerala and Bangal were on top in art and literature. Now Kerala will be top from the end of list in both Art and Literature. Lack of good story, good subject, good theme, good topic etc were the major issue for this in the recent past. But now, the fight between Amma / Macta, Directors / Producers / Actors are also contributing...

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 11/Jun/2008 11:18:28
    Bangali & Malayalam films together shared a golden era...Now we see innovative creations only in Tamil..Experiments are most welcomed in tamil(like Paruthiveeran & Pokkiri...they are extremely different typeof movies which became great success during same period). The problem in malayalam film industry is that films are made by directors to satisfy viewers...(some call it as ENTERTAINERS..like Annan Thampi,Chota Mumbai etc)..Today we dont have directors like Bharathan,Padmarajan who created movie according to their wish and exploited the talents of actors to the maximum extent...I can honestly say that not even a single director could give challenging characters to versatile actors like LALETTAN for past 10-15 years....

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 11/Jun/2008 11:38:32
    There may be 2 or 3 exceptions....The so called "Award Cinema" should change its style of narration..(slowness,old themes..etc)..There is no big pblm in choosing a middle path like Blessy for making serious films...Let us hope if new talented people come to industry..there may be a change..After all mal. industry is a small one & producers fear to experiment... New themes are not coming..& every time the "SAME OLD WINE IS IN A NEW BOTTLE"..But sometimes even a new treatment can give freshness to a movie...We cant hope for an end of all these pblms..Let us support good cinema!!!!
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