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Rock N Roll


  • sanjunmenon

    Total Posts:500
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 23/Feb/2008 1:53:27
    Rock N Roll
    Hello friends. The discussion on the film is over and everybody written off this film. i saw this film in Dubai last week. I don't understand how this film had flopped. It shows the relationship of friends very highly and in some way was far better than friends. When i saw this film with friends, who were not at all Lal fans, even they were wondering how this film has not performed well in the market. it shows, our, Malayalees double standards. We are crying the films are not running for values and such valuable films are not performing well in hit charts. Malayalees should throw away these kind of jaadaas and entertain these kind of films. Otherwise, no producers would dare to invest in films

  • niju2007

    Total Posts:43
  • Posted On: 24/Feb/2008 2:39:49
    Hi sanju! You are absolutely right . I also liked themovie. Lalettan has done a commending job, no wonder he received "janapriya nadan award". His body language changes according to the character.One thing is obvious that he has some kind of character graph in his mind as the movie progresses.

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 24/Feb/2008 7:38:5
    totalitey make that filim flop. we can see that lal is performed better but totaley the filim not look good. but rock n r is better filim than floper filim

  • hrishikesh

    Total Posts:145
  • Posted On: 24/Feb/2008 23:15:38
    It was not a bad movies, but a major reason for flop is the bad review from prominent sites like sify, indiaglits, nowrunning.All Lal movies are getting a very bad review from all these sites. Take the case of Flash.Something has to be done ........ At the same time these sites are giving good review to all other movies including crap ones...............


  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 25/Feb/2008 6:23:45
    Rock n Roll
    I think marketing was not done properly by the distributors. Anyways let's forget the past and look forward to the big release...
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