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Desperate need for help from other Lal Fans...Very Important


  • desperatelalfan

    Total Posts:1
  • Posted On: 23/Jan/2006 1:9:6
    Desperate need for help from other Lal Fans...Very Important
    There is this site known as "nowrunning.com" in which there is a discussion forum for Malayalam Films. At present it is one of the most popular site for discussion of Mallu Movies. But problem now is that it is filled with Mammootty Fans & they are taking the hell out of all Lalettan Fans. Some immediate help needed for some help to other Lal fans in that forum.

  • sanjunmenon

    Total Posts:500
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 28/Jan/2006 3:57:43
    Don't worry
    Don't worry. Nobody can touch Lalettan

  • suchitra

    Total Posts:99
  • Posted On: 31/Jan/2006 0:53:59
    now running.com
    friends, in that site they specifies that rajamanikyam and busconductor are in first and second position, then chandu pottu, and they gives the fourth position to thanmatra.. this is too much...


  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 31/Jan/2006 1:42:42
    Hello all friends, Why u feeling upset after reading those unimportant sites? Just ignore them ok.... and remember that no other actor can act like OUR OWN LALETTAN.... He is number one always and will be always.... When u feel upset just remember our lalettan's dialogue:- "po mone dinesha" kalikkalle, kali ennodu venda.... etc.. Lalettan onnu manssu vicharichalundallo onnum kanilla pinne samsarikkan polum.... :)


  • lodestar

    Total Posts:350
  • Posted On: 31/May/2006 12:50:21
    now runningilum undu mone lal fans vaayikku
    Mammukka...Veruthe muscle pidichu nadannal pora-laletan- he is not acting he is living as the characer and look at his dialogues.... he makes it just simple, Athe!!!! Lalettan abinayikkukayalla, kadapathramayi jeevikkukayanu, kadapathramayi samsarikkukayanu. Mattoru actorkkum illatha ability. and Thadiyude karyam, lalettante body pandumuthale inganethanneyanu. Ithra thadi undayittum, lalettan malayala cinemayile mattethu actorekkalum 5 iratti nannayi dance cheyyunne , mattethu actorekkalum nannayi action cheyyunne.He can sing, he can live as a charater,he can fight, he can dance, he can teach us,He can show comedy, more and more.... Ithilninnellam enthanu manasilavunnathu, veruthe swaswam pidichu nadannalum, swasam pidichu dialogue paranhalum, koprayam katti athine comedy ennu paranhalum oru super star anennu parayan pattilla, athinu pala kazhivum venam athinu va lalettante aduthu vaa, adhehathe guruvayi kanu, ennittu abinayam padikkedo, allathe veruthu athum ithum parayalle
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