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  • vishnuak

    Total Posts:10
  • Posted On: 4/Aug/2007 12:15:48
    Anybody can tell the collection..of...hallo...? pls... Gross...&.....collection in various centers...

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 6/Aug/2007 13:8:18
    is it true
    Mohanlal is not enough taller than parvathy Milton .. Parvathy Milton is little bit taller than lal uncle. Lal uncle’s another filim Chandralakha(1997) by priyan uncle the actress is very much taller than lal. She is also taller than mamuty uncle. also in kalapani tabu is taller than lal. Inone film jnanapeedam Girish karnade acted as father of lal uncle. In that film actress From Karnataka is taller than lal. Is lal and delip are equal in height ? is all the above thing are correct? My friend she is a fan of amithab bachan she says me all the things above?? But I have no answer? Plz answer it?

  • ragh07

    Total Posts:2
  • Posted On: 7/Aug/2007 6:23:18
    Mohanlal- The Tallest Talented
    Hey, why is you bothering about our Laleetan`s height. He has a height of 6`1 feet. It is an above average height in India. If he is the most eligible actor in India, why are you people worrieng about his height ?

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 9/Aug/2007 4:58:47
    a b c is 6.1
    is you are telling above that ab is 6.1 or lal is 6.1. lal is max of 5.10 or less. tall makes asthetic
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