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web site


  • rahulppppp

    Total Posts:118
  • Posted On: 16/Jul/2007 13:26:7
    web site
    this web site is very good . but i wanted that it should more and more improve in the future

  • hrishikesh

    Total Posts:145
  • Posted On: 16/Jul/2007 23:38:20
    Entertaining entanennu padichittu vaa
    You said Hallo is not realistic and non entertaining.First you go and study what the word 'entertaining' means.Friend can you tell any film which is relaistic. If you want realistic films then you watch Adoor movies.For 90% people, film is to entertain.Hallo is a perfect entertainer(superb dance,comedy,action).Films like this are called entertainers allathe Adoor padamalla enertainer.You should understand that it is slapstick comedy. You also mentioned about the timing of the comedy.Very sad ,the comedy situations in Hallo is vey normal but the timing of Lalettan has made it an extraordinary.Arabhikathayum. mission 90yum moshamanennu aarum paranjilla.Halloyude 10% collection polum avayku kittulenne paranjollu.Iniyenkilum realism vachondu cinema kaanan varalle.One question-Lokathile ettuvam valiya comedy classic aaya Charlie Chaplinil enthu realism aanu ullathu?Halloyil ulla polulla thamashayalle athum?Athu kannunnathu pole Hallo onnu kandu nokku thankalil maatam undakum...............


  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 16/Jul/2007 23:50:1
    rahulinu ee sitil ninnum pppppp avan time ayithudangi. pinne. hallo etra manoraharam anennu nee parayenda karyam illa. athu janangal etteduthu kazhinhu. lalettan came back with his kilukkam style. each and every family is saying super super super super lalettan annu. his comedy timing is superrrrrrrrr in hallo. his dance is superrrrrrrrrr in hallo. movie is a great great entertainer. not only for youths but for all family members. so dont be a fool mr. rahul. choriyunnundengil poyi ethengilum mammuvinte topicil poi chori. pinne mission 90 days is a waste movie i would say. keertichakrayude valil kettan polum pattunnilla. mammuvinu acting enthennnariyanamengil poyi kc kanan para. performance enthanenu lalettan padippichu tharam. major raviyude peru kalanju mission 90d days. pinne arabikadha nalla padam anu but slow movie. valiya thirakkonnum illa. hallo all shows housefull. after narasimham calicut apsara theater is witnessing the bigget rush ever. dont be a fool mr.


  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 17/Jul/2007 10:24:49
    to the above one
    you does not under stand what i said i am fully agrey with all the things you said. but iam not intentended on that. plese try to write in english .do not write malayalam in english

  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 17/Jul/2007 10:34:59
    you can use malayalam fond
    most of the guy not interested to read if the things in malayalam is wretten by english alphabet. it is very difficult to read so iam not reading that thing,try to write in english.

  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 17/Jul/2007 10:40:40
    mad mad
    i think most of them writting things in it is mad about lal.most of them have lal is grater than god. but it is not good.mohanlal is only aordinarey man. knows acting
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