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Hello to Dream Team????


  • abieschat2006

    Total Posts:201
  • Posted On: 13/Feb/2007 0:14:55
    Hello to Dream Team????
    I heard that Lalattens Hello will be distributed by Dream Team Production. I think it isnot gud for the film. Becase they have no idea "how a film to be pull". See in the case of Rappakal, Photographer,Palunku etc. Palunku is a gud film like Thanmathra but only reason for the flop for palunku is advt. trick is far behind from Century (Thanmathra). Advt. is very important for a film now a days. eg. Note Book, Yes ur honour(Gruhalakshmi). The early report abt these films were bad. but later both these films pick up (only by Gruhalaksmi advt. strategy). I am afraid how DREAM TEAM manage Hello (Rafi Mecartin film).

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 13/Feb/2007 7:17:31
    dont worry
    no worries my mate lalettan is having a good run. his movies are worked wonders except fotographer. i think may be the concern is bcoz 'hello' is in initial stage. but otherwise pardesi and akashagopruam are having their share in media publicity.
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