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Satyan Anthikad to make more movies with Mohanlal

Director Satyan Anthikad is a happy man these days as his latest Malayalam film Rasathantram, a light comedy starring his favourite actor Mohanlal, has completed 75 days in theatres.

Rasathantram is touted as one of the biggest hits of 2006 and the director, who had teamed up with Mohanlal after 12 years, says he was not bothered by people's expectations.

"I chose not to think about people's expectations. If I were to think about them, I would have had to bear a lot of pressure," Anthikad said.

He agrees Mohanlal's physical appearance has changed a lot but insists his talent remains the same.

He has not lost the naughtiness that was his uniqueness when he was young. I wrote the script thinking of his age but I did not even consider his image.

"Today, his image is different from what it was when we did films together. He has become a superhero. But I felt even today people would prefer Mohanlal of the eighties," said Anthikad who wants to make more films with Mohanlal.

Posted on: Thursday, August 14, 2008



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