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Mohanlal with Jackie Chan

Mohanlal is going to do a film titled Nair San, in which he is going to be featured with Jackie Chan!

The film will be shot in Mongolia, and will have a Japanese, Chinese and English version. It will be directed by Albert, who won the Aravindan award for his debut film Kanne Madanguka.

”Nair San is based on a real character, Ayyapan Pillai Madhavan Nair. He studied in Model School in Thiruvananthapuram and, during his school days, he got involved in the freedom struggle. He had to escape from the British—so he escaped to Japan via Sri Lanka and joined the war against British imperialism,” says Albert.

Albert had sent the concept script to Jackie Chan’s office and got a positive report from him. Later, he went to Hong Kong and is reported to have met Chan.

“The film’s shoot will start on September 1 in Mongolia and we are talking to Jackie Chan’s office to coordinate the shoot,” he says. “It is a historical period drama and will be shot by cameraman Vaidi. It is a big budget commercial extravaganza with a budget of around Rs 50 crore. The Morphous group from the Middle East is funding the project.”

When contacted, Mohanlal said: “I think it is a great opportunity for an actor like me to do the role of Nair San. My father had told me many years back about Sen’s daring exploits and he had met hi, too. I’m told that he used to stay in Poojapura, the area where I stay in Thiruvananthapuram.”

Mohanlal has given a 125-day call sheet for the film, which will be shot in Mongolia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Posted on: Wednesday, July 2, 2008



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