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A day with Mohanlal for kids at Children’s Home in Poojappura

It was a day when all the kids at the Children’s Home in Poojappura woke up much earlier than usual, in the wee hours of Friday. They brushed their teeth, had their bath and dressed up in their finest clothes.

`They even had their breakfast early and were here in the hall by 8.45 a.m. It was like the morning of a carnival,’’ said Subair, the district probation officer at the Home.

The excitement was all about superstar Mohanlal visiting them, taking a little time off from the shooting for the T.K. Rajeevkumar film ‘Alexander the Great’.

This short 15-minute visit at 9.15 in the morning was organised by Angkoor, which is already conducting a theatre workshop for the inmates of the Home.

`He is as glamorous as in his films. And he looks very young too,’’ said Aneesh, 16, who liked the film ‘Sagar alias Jacky’ the best.

Aneesh had not seen the film, but saw the scenes from the movie on TV.

‘Sagar Alias Jacky’ also happened to be the favourite Lal film of Robinson, Ramesh, Anshad and Mahesh, all participants in the drama workshop.

Akhil was the happiest of the lot, for Mohanlal had placed his hands on his shoulder after Akhil gave the vote of thanks. ``I am so lucky to have seen the superstar so close to me. I asked him to come for the drama to see us perform, and he said that he would try his best,’’ Akhil said.

The students of the Children’s Home will stage their drama on Manaveeyam Road the day after tomorrow.

Chotta Mumbai, Kilichundan Mambazham, Irupatham Noottandu and Twenty-Twenty were the other Mohanlal films which the students liked.

Why Twenty-Twenty? `As Mohanlal gave a heavy punch to Mammootty in that film,’ Robinson said.

This irked the feelings of the Mammootty Fans Association led by Arun, which was weak as they had only a few members. And the sparring with words went on.

News  courtesy - Express News Service

Posted on: Saturday, May 30, 2009



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