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Mohanlal shows unique way to fight terrorism

Lt Colonel Mohanlal has started a `commando operation’ against terrorism even before he got training from top military officials. Mohanlal, who had played many a commando role in cinema, has now began his attack on terrorism through the internet.

As the ambassador of the `Act for Humanity’ organisation, an internetbased organisation for fighting terrorism, Mohanlal has been spreading the message to netizens through the website www.actwithmohanlal.com.

The site, which has been visited by around one lakh persons so far, calls for action for the cause of humanity, cutting across the barriers of cast, creed and colour.

“Terrorism is not only a threat from outside the country, but also has its manifestations within country. All the attacks against humanity, be it a goonda-attack or communal clashes, are acts of terrorism”, Mohanlal told Express.

“Every day newspapers carry news on all sorts of terrorism. There are instances where I kept myself away from newspapers for days. I always wanted to be part of the activities against terrorism. That is why I agreed to be part of this endeavour”, he said.

The organisation is planning to set up panchayat committees by August 15, 2010.

“There are 1,270 members for the Act For Humanity organisation. We are here to start a culture which upholds humanity, cutting across the barriers of religion, class and creed”, said Act For Humanity chairman Isahaque Easwaramangalam.

“Plans are on the anvil to bring back those trapped in the network of terrorist organisations to normal life. A panel of psychologists is shaping up a project in this regard” Isahaque said.

“Recently, we got an anonymous letter from Malappruram district with information on a boy who joined a terrorist outfit. We expect that more such cases would be brought to light in the future”, he said.

Besides spreading the message against terrorism, the site provides an opportunity to visitors to take a pledge against the menace.

Those taking the pledge should furnish their name, e-mail ID and mobile phone number in the relevant columns. So far, around 10,000 people have taken the pledge that they would uphold humanity and act tough on terrorism.

The members are required to assemble at a place on every Gandhi Jayanti day and take the pledge.

Those who are unable to turn up at the venue should send duly signed copies of the oath to the office-bearers of the organisation.

The organisation also plans to organise oath-taking ceremonies at all the colleges and schools in the State.

News  courtesy - Express News Service

Posted on: Saturday, June 13, 2009



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