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Mohanlal admires Sachin`s speech

Sachin Tendulkar's retirement speech has touched many hearts, and among them are greats from other fields as well. Actor Mohanlal recently wrote on his blog of how much influenced he has been by the speech. Titled 'Sachin — An Enlightening Swansong at Wankhede', the three page blog in Malayalam speaks of how the actor's regard and admiration for Sachin has gone up following the speech.


"I realised that how and when you end something is as important as how you begin it, especially in a field like sports, where physical fitness is crucial. Sachin ended his career more beautifully than how he began it; it was like a delightful song that ended," he begins.

Describing the speech as one of the greatest in history, Mohanlal goes on to say that there were things which every professional could learn from that speech — about how to go about your career untainted, like a prayer.


"I'm an actor who acts only in a small industry like Malayalam, yet it is difficult for me not to lose focus on my work. I can imagine how difficult it must be for an international figure like Sachin. People talk about his wealth, assets and fame all the time, but few are talking about the hard work he puts in, what all he had to sacrifice for it —personal life and time with family. Only someone who has experienced it can understand it," he says.


The actor also suggests that Sachin's speech to be included in the school curriculum, where children should be taught his father's words — that there is no short cut to success. "There is a light in his words, the light of a soul polished by constant practice of good in thought, words and action. My future course too will be influenced by that light," he ends.


News Courtesy: timesofindia

Posted on: Saturday, November 23, 2013



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